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  • SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring)

    SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring)

  • Breath alcohol tests through an iPhone or iPad

    Breath alcohol tests through an iPhone or iPad

  • Alcohol Monitoring Systems, GPS Tracking, Drug & Alcohol Education.

    Alcohol Monitoring Systems, GPS Tracking, Drug & Alcohol Education.

  • Monitoring Promotes Accountability

    Monitoring Promotes Accountability

Latest News

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    Alcohol Deaths Reach a 35-Year high

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    Binge Drinking in Women and Girls

    News & AnnouncementsA Serious, Under-Recognized Problem Among Women and Girls - Drinking too much, including binge drinking*, is a dangerous behavior resulting in about 23,000 deaths in women and girls each year. Binge drinking...
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    How to spot an addiction problem

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Interstate Compact Transfers & Monitoring outside Tampa Bay

For defendants transferring from other jurisdictions to the Tampa Bay Area and need GPS, SCRAM, Soberlink or random Breathalyzer testing Tampa Bay Monitoring can help. We have successfully provided monitoring services for state & county agencies throughout the country.

To make arrangements for transfers into the Tampa Bay Area, we would need the following: a copy of the judicial order and the contact information of the responsible party for progress reports and violations.

Place an Order:
Located at Action Plus Bail Bonds:
14605 49th St N # 3
Clearwater, FL 33762
Phone: 727-535-6506
Fax: 727-538-0387
Download our Alcohol Monitoring Order Form sample court order (.pdf)

To place an order contact us today or call us at 727.535-6506

Ankle Bracelet or Breathalyzer?

Random Breathalyzer Testing

Looking for random Breathalyzer testing that fits your budget?  Contact Us today to set up an appointment or to place an order.

Family Court & Voluntary Monitoring

If you need to demonstrate your sobriety for visitation, child custody, your spouse employer, or professional standards organization we provide the greatest number of options and can help find the system that works best for your circumstances.  More >>>

Need monitoring services outside the Tampa Bay area?

For those in need of an alcohol monitor but have no provider in their area, Tampa Bay Monitoring can help by providing a Soberlink monitor or if travel take you out of the country a Soberlink Blue. Call us today for more information. More >>>

Ongoing Treatment

After leaving an alcohol treatment program or as a integral part of your treatment monitoring often helps to reinforce a client’s resolve and also document their sobriety. More >>>