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GPS Tracking Devices for Women

GPS Devices for Active Women & Professionals.

GPS Tracking for Women Provide Protection and Peace of Mind

Innovative personal safety for women.

The MX-LOCare GPS Watch is an excellent tool for any busy, active woman. Single or married, someone should know where you are if you jog or participate in outdoor activities alone, travel, work the night shift, or work in uncertain environments.  This discreet watch even includes a panic button if you are in immediate danger of being attacked. Take control of your freedom and independence with the MX-LOCare GPS Watch.

1. The MX-LOCare GPS Watch

  • Continuous, discreet GPS tracking
  • Appearance of an ordinary watch
  • Easy to use SOS Panic button
  • Open voice communication
  • Great for women who:
    • Work, live, or exercise alone
    • Enjoy outdoor activities alone, or even with a couple of female friends (hiking, canoeing, bike riding)
    • Travel regularly
    • Work in potentially dangerous environments
    • Work in positions that include meeting strangers (realtors, traveling massage therapists, consultants, delivery drivers)

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FREE Optional Lockable Security Safety Band Included

2. Revolar Instinct

Smart Safety to Protect Loved Ones.

At the click of a button, Revolar Instinct can let your loved ones know your GPS location and if you’re safe, scared, or in an emergency. Plus, Instinct has Check-ins, Step Tracking, Ring Me, and more, so you’ll love using it and having it by your side, every day.

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