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MX-LOCare Watch

GPS Wandering Prevention Personal Emergency Safety Watch

How Does it Work?

MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch uses GPS, Cellular and Wifi technology to accurately pinpoint location of wearer anytime and anyplace. The integrated app (iPhone and Android) connects directly with Watch to provide immediate location of the wearer. Located on the side of the watch, the SOS alert button is programmed to either contact predesignated caregivers or optional central monitoring operator.

  • When the alert button is pressed, it connects to the party, putting the wearer in contact with a loved one or trained operator who will assess the situation and contact the necessary responder to assist, such as a family member, facility administrator or emergency services.
  • Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, the operator is able to accurately locate the wearer and direct their caregivers/ responders to the precise location.
  • With open voice communication, the wearer can also speak directly with the caregiver or operator.
  • Each Watch is supplied with a pre-configured SIM card and will operate where there is GSM mobile network coverage.
  • The SOS Button has a deactivation option which would allow user not to use this feature.

FREE SHIPPING in Continental U.S.
FREE Optional Lockable Security Safety Band Included

Who is if for?

  • Elderly
  • People living with cognitive disorders such as autism or Alzheimer’s
  • Those who want extra reassurance while at home, work and out in the community
  • People living with a physical disability

  • People living with chronic disease
  • People who require immediate emergency assistance in an emergency situation
  • People who work alone, travel regularly, or work in potentially hazardous or high-risk environments

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