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Revolar Instinct

Revolar: Smart Safety to Protect Loved Ones

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At the click of a button, Revolar Instinct can let your loved ones know your GPS location and if you’re safe, scared, or in an emergency. Plus, Instinct has Check-ins, Step Tracking, Ring Me, and more, so you’ll love using it and having it by your side, every day.

If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, there may not be time to access or use your phone.  And if things get intense, attempting to use your phone could escalate the situation.  Revolar allows you to discreetly and quickly activate an alert to send for help while automatically sharing your location.

Simply click the discreet button one, two, or three+ times to send different custom messages and your location to your chosen contacts. Whether you press once to let loved ones know you got home safe from a walk, or three times to send for help out, the Revolar Instinct wearable is the fastest way to reach loved ones and the easiest way to track your activity.

How Does it Work?

With just the press of the button, your loved ones will instantly know your exact GPS location through your preset contact list on the Revolar App.

  • Send for help fast.
  • Text with a click.
  • Hit your step goal.

  • Find your keys.
  • Make your phone ring.
  • Customize your alerts.

FREE SHIPPING in Continental U.S.

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