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Tampa Bay Monitoring offers help for Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims

Tampa Bay Monitoring is often requested to place GPS monitors on those who are charged with violence or stalking.  Along with the order for the defendant to wear the monitor, a judge may set an area of exclusion around the victim’s home, work place, etc. which is meant to keep them away.  Should the defendant violate this order, Tampa Bay Monitoring will try to contact the victim to get some basic information so that we can notify them as well as law enforcement.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, stalking, or assault and have not been assigned a victim’s advocate or been given a safety plan we  strongly urge that you download this one developed by the National Center on Domestic Violence.

As a matter of policy when tasked with the responsibility of monitoring a defendant we always contact the victim to let them know who we are and the conditions of release so that if they cut their bracelet or violate the area of exclusion that victim be notified. We also provide a list of victim’s advocates available in Pinellas County and urge you to contact the one most appropriate for you:

Victims Advocates in Pinellas County:

Attorney General
Benita Fuller           813-287-7126

Area Agency on Aging
Laura Luksik         570-9696×259

24 Hour #             727-895-4912
Liz Sanders@SAO         727-464-6784

Clearwater PD
Belinda Darcy         727-562-4350

FBI Victim Specialist
Kelly Murphy         813-253-1150

24 Hour #             727-442-4128
Beth @ SAO         727-464-6784
Taylor Riffey (relocation)     727-441-2029 x212

Hispanic Outreach Center
Andrea Vendetti         727-445-9734 x207

Largo PD
Coleen Chaney         727-587-6770
Frieda Widera        727-586-7481

Carole Dirksmeyer         727-556-0633 x3

Sandra Garcia-Olivares    727- 582-6465
Bobbie Hodson         727-582-6421

Pinellas Park PD
TBA             727-541-0766

St Pete PD
Jeanette Bright         727-892-5128
Angie Williams        727-892-5280

SAO (Small Agencies)
Sherry Clester         727-464-6090
SAO Victim/Witness Mgmt     Kristen Farr         727-464-6090

Services for Victims     727-535-9811
Nizeli Armas (Spanish Speake     727-543-8578
Kiara Pitman (South County)     727-543-0181
Ashley Westfal (North County     727-543-8539

REVISED 4/1/14


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