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Announcing #InnerShaq with Shaquille O'Neal

Announcing #InnerShaq with Shaquille O'Neal

Have no fear — #InnerShaq is here! Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’ve heard it. That velvety voice of reason in your head, advising you to do the right thing during tough moments – especially when it comes to saying “No” to underage drinking. That’s right. That’s your #InnerShaq.

Today, we’re giving that little voice a Shaq-sized megaphone through the #InnerShaq campaign. The campaign features NBA legend Dr. Shaquille O’Neal and uses humor (Shaq’s specialty) to encourage teens to make smart choices by listening to their #InnerShaq. We’re also giving one lucky person the chance to MEET SHAQ!

“But HOW?! How can this BE?!” you ask with a splash of skepticism. Honestly, we’re a little surprised ourselves. While it might seem a bit too good to be true, it really is quite simple. We’ve even created a 6-step guide to finding your #InnerShaq & possibly meeting the actual Shaq:

1.       Visit InnerShaq.com.

2.       Enter the “Me and My #InnerShaq” Sweepstakes by uploading a picture of yourself into a hilarious scenario with Shaq using the Face-In-Hole widget.

3.       Share this hysterical picture with everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life.

4.       Watch the funny videos.

5.       Share the Shaq-tastic videos, memes and gifs.

6.       Upload, share, repeat.

Remember, the more you enter the Sweepstakes, the higher your chances are of winning.


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