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Is Your Teen Out of Control?

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens

Are you noticing any of these warning signs?

  • If your child been suspended or cutting class
  • Their grades are declining
  • Talking about dropping out
  • Lying
  • Hanging out with kids you don’t know or trust
  • Showing signs of experimenting with drugs, stealing, or are sexually active

We strongly urge you to consult a mental health professional especially if your child is:

  • Avoiding family activities
  • Verbally abusive
  • Violent
  • No longer care about their appearance
  • Giving away possessions
  • Talking about suicide

If you suspect your teen is struggling with alcohol, drugs, or mental illness, we can refer you to programs & services that can help.

GPS Monitoring May Help

Watching your teenager spiral out of control is scary.  If your child is engaging in out-of-control behaviors, we offer various GPS options for parents who are particularly concerned that their teen may be sneaking out of the house at night, skipping school, or at risk of running away.

GPS Monitoring can prevent your teen from sneaking out at night or running away.

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