There is ALWAYS the possibility that someone could re-offend or flee.
Know where your high-risk defendants are at all times.

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How GPS & Alcohol Monitoring Can Help in Your Court


alcohol monitoring

Studies show that alcohol is the #1 drug problem in the United States and the pandemic has only served to make it worse, so it’s no surprise to find that alcohol abuse can be a main contributor to divorce.

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gps tracking

An alternative to incarceration that ensures public safety while alleviating overcrowding. GPS Monitoring allows offenders to maintain their job or profession and take care of their family. Ideal for pretrial and probation.

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An effortless way to avoid Embarrassing Court skips.

ReliAlert™ XC, the GPS with the most secure strap available, 2-way communications, and the ability to sound an alert.

  • Smart Tag GPS Tracking
    Hardened Steel Cuff, Voice communications, 95 DPS siren.
  • 24/7/365 Live Monitoring
    Provides extra eyes, ears, and voice increasing productivity and offering peace of mind.
  • The gold standard for reliability and performance
    Don’t take a chance on a cheap device that can be easily defeated or removed.

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In Family Law cases of alcohol abuse, it may be necessary to collect evidence of a Defendants drinking.

Decisions about custody are based on what is in the best interest of the child. A defendants drinking problem is taken into consideration when making a custody determination.

Why alcohol monitors are used in Family Court:

Give Your Victims Peace Of Mind

They will be proactive about the safety of their children while visiting unsupervised.

Prove sobriety to the court

When a defendant needs to show that they are sober and not a threat around the children and/or while driving.

we help Courts make parenting time safer

The CheckBAC Alcohol Monitor is as simple to use as a smartphone and is discrete, reliable, and costs half that of other monitors!

Great for co-parenting schedules.

Simple, portable, easy-to-use. 

Convenient and non-invasive.

HALF the price of other monitors.


Great for co-parenting schedules.

Simple, portable, easy-to-use. 

Convenient and non-invasive.

HALF the price of other monitors.

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The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Criminal & Family Court Judges...
And How to Solve Them

Court judges have an enormous level of responsibility as their decisions can deeply affect the lives of others. This guide can help judges successfully navigate the complexities of their challenges by reducing stress within the court.

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our free guide covers the most critical concerns about the challenges court judges face:


How to Address Litigant Mental Health Issues in the Courtroom.


how to Address Litigant Drug & Alcohol Abuse Cases.


how to Spot High-Risk Defendants.


how to Manage courtroom burnout.


how to deal with Compassion Fatigue.

helpful links & resources

additional tips for addressing burnout & compassion fatigue, National resources for judges, personal peer-to-peer volunteers, & Judicial Wellness Programs.

saving lives and changing lives

Tampa Bay Monitoring evaluates individual clients to determine which program works best to ensure that we match individuals with the right plan.

Denise D.

Tampa, Fl

"I was able to sleep better at night knowing my kids were safe being away from me."

"The idea of leaving my children with my alcoholic spouse was terrifying.   When my attorney suggested alcohol monitoring, she got the judge to order a CheckBAC. I felt much better knowing my kids were with a sober parent."

Larry L.

St. Pete, Fl

"I've been sober for over a year and my ex-wife and kids have definitely noticed."

"After my third DUI, my wife filed for divorce. Even though I was in treatment she fought me on visitation & even occasional custody. My family court lawyer suggested I call Tampa Bay Monitoring and ask about their CheckBAC device. I did and after 90 days of sobriety I requested visitation and after my lawyer said she would get all test results immediately after testing she and the judge agreed!"

Justin M.

Clearwater, Fl

"This was a great solution for all of us."

"My spouse already had a problem with alcohol and the divorce made the drinking even worse.  I was not willing to let my kids get in the car. My lawyer recommended I call Tampa Bay Monitoring. With the results of each CheckBAC test going directly to the courts, it not only rebuilt the trust with my ex, but improved the relationship with our kids."

Promoting accountability & Keeping Communities Safe

Affordable Solutions for Parents, Defendants, Courts, and Family Law. 
Tampa Bay Monitoring provides CheckBAC alcohol monitors nationwide and GPS monitoring products throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

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