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Air travel with a SCRAMx bracelet

Here is the response we received from the Transportation Security Administration regarding the wearing of any ankle monitor on commercial flights

Outside of any other law enforcement issues that would prohibit a person from boarding an aircraft, wearing a monitoring device, including a medical monitor, during security screening should not pose a problem.  If the electronic monitoring device sets off the alarm on the walk-through metal detector, or produces an anomaly during Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) screening, passengers should alert the Transportation Security Officer performing the screening that they are wearing the device.  In these cases,passengers should expect to undergo additional screening to resolve the alarms.

Please note that additional screening just doesn’t mean waving the wand over your body but often means delaying you to determine if you are fleeing the jurisdiction. Therefore it is wise to get a letter from us prior to air travel indicating what the bracelet is for and that you are not prohibited from leaving the jursidiction.

Tampa Bay Monitoring provides SCRAMx bracelets throughout Pinellas county including Clearwater, Odessa, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs.

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