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The buddi Help

Personal GPS Monitoring Emergency Response.

The go anywhere, anytime personal emergency response service

Help is always there at the touch of a button. If you press the alert buttons for help or if you have a fall, our 24hr monitoring service can find information about your location, talk to you through your buddi to establish the kind of assistance you require, and notify your emergency contacts.

You can monitor your activity levels during the day and as you sleep at night, which will indicate good health. You or your emergency contacts can set expected activity levels, safe places and speed alerts to personalize your alerts to suit your lifestyle. No one need ever be alone.

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Who is if for?

  • Anyone living alone
  • Anyone at risk of a fall
  • Someone whose family want to be a button press away
  • Anyone who might need help at the press of a button

  • Someone who might lose their way when out and about
  • Anyone interested in their daily activity and sleep patterns
  • Anyone traveling alone

Living Well with Dementia

How Does it Work?

buddi lives on the dock at home and must be carried when out and about. When needed, it has an alert button which, when pressed, allows the wearer to contact and speak to the 24/7 alarm monitoring centre. It can also find your location by using GPS mobile technology.

Wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion, detects falls and communicates wirelessly with the buddi. By pressing the buttons, you can ask for help, or cancel an alert.

Dock charges the devices and communicates wirelessly with them, displaying buddi and wristband battery charge levels and helping find a lost buddi within the home.


At the touch of a button, your buddi will alert the 24/7 emergency monitoring centre. The UK based team will immediately contact you on your buddi. If you cannot be reached, the monitoring team will endeavour to alert your other registered emergency contacts. Also, as an optional extra, the technology allows your buddi to work abroad when you are on holiday (contact customer care for advice).

The fall alert works fully automatically, so even if you are incapacitated as a result of a fall the system still works without having to be activated by hand. A sensor called an accelerometer inside the wristband measures the changes in movement that result from a fall. If a fall is detected, it raises the alert with our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre who then attempt to make contact with you. If unsuccessful they then endeavour to alert the other registered emergency contacts. Your wristband will vibrate and flash blue when alerting. You can cancel an alert by pressing the buttons.

Through using the latest satellite navigation (GPS) technology, buddi can accurately locate you – any time, any place, anywhere. So you’re not confined to your home or a small radius surrounding it. Buddi enables independent minded individuals, like you, to make no compromises; you can simply get on with living life, wherever it takes you, and enjoy being out and about without any restrictions.

As well as utilising the very latest technology, at Buddi we also recognise the crucial role people play in an emergency. We operate a fully staffed Emergency Monitoring Centre in the UK where trained operators are on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year, to react to emergency alerts and inform registered contacts of emergencies so that they can provide assistance.

Buddi can be set to alert emergency contacts if the wearer has gone somewhere they shouldn’t. This is done by setting up safe and unsafe zones in your personal settings. This is quick and easy to set up and can be changed at anytime.

Your buddi enables you to view your activity throughout the day and night (requires the wristband to be worn at all times). The graphs help you to identify sleep patterns and monitor restless sleep and nighttime activity. High and low levels of activity during the day, or during the week, are easy to see. You can also set your personal step counting goals and receive notifications when you achieve them.

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