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CheckBAC: The First Comprehensive Alcohol Monitoring System

CheckBAC™ is a patented solution that finally bridges the gap between testing and accountability – so you can easily and effectively monitor and manage the sobriety of hundreds or even thousands of individuals.

CheckBAC combines industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app and an easy-to-use management platform. CheckBAC gives you the power to test and monitor individuals – anywhere, anytime – and instantly see their results. And it costs up to 80% less than other systems.

The CheckBAC Solution consists of three key components:

  • CheckBAC mobile application (available for iPhone and Android platforms)
  • An approved, third-party handheld Bluetooth® breathalyzer (preferred brands are specified by CheckBAC)
  • CheckBAC Management Portal (accessible via internet browser)

CheckBAC’s mission is to provide the promise of “Shared Safety” to communities and workforces through the most accessible and widely adopted platform ever created: their mobile phone.

Never before has remote alcohol monitoring been so effective, easy to control and connected to an individual’s behavior – anytime, anywhere. And at a fraction of the cost of other current solutions, it has truly become affordable for any business with a large workforce.

Tampa Bay Monitoring primarily provides breathalyzer services throughout the Tampa Bay area:  Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough counties. Monitoring can also be provided throughout and outside Florida on a case by case basis.  Contact us for more information.

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