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SCRAMx in the courts

For high-risk, hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders.

Attention Judges in Hillsborough, Pinellas, & Pasco County

Separate alcohol from the offender…It’s a tough job – but one courts can accomplish with SCRAMx.

One of the fundamental benefits of SCRAMx is that it can effectively separate alcohol from the offender by continuously monitoring them for alcohol consumption. SCRAMx addresses the root cause of the offender’s addiction, rather than just treating the symptoms. If offenders can remain sober for an extended period of time, here are some of the significant results that courts are likely to see:

Provides Accountability and Encourages Compliance.

For the offender:

  • Greater accountability for their actions
  • Better responses to treatment
  • Opportunity to finally “get out” of the system and have a fresh start
  • Ability to work and maintain family obligations

For judges and probation:

  • More manageable caseloads
  • Ability to focus attention only on those who need it the most
  • Helps make their job easier
  • More key points to take into consideration
  • Download our Alcohol Monitoring Order Form (.pdf)

For courts:

For communities:

Tampa Bay Monitoring provides SCRAMx bracelets throughout Pinellas county including Clearwater, Odessa, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs.


Alcohol was obviously killing me. I knew I needed to make a change. This (SCRAMx) has allowed me to keep my job, stay with my family, keep my life, and stay alive.

The SCRAMx device has proven to me that I can do everyday things in life, no matter what the circumstances, without consuming alcohol. And that is something that AA or other alcohol awareness educational classes could not make me understand. I’m not proud to have a SCRAMx bracelet on my ankle, but I can’t help but tell people that this device really works and it’s doing the job for me.

Key Points to take into consideration when sentencing defendants to a SCRAMx monitor

  • Defendant must have access to an analog line. In this area that would be basic Verizon service or Spectrum (Formerly Bright House).
  • They should call our office a day or two in advance to make an appointment.
  • They should not only abstain from alcoholic beverages, but all products containing alcohol such as mouthwash, colognes, perfumes,body washes, gums or mints etc. for 24 hours prior to having the SCRAM monitor installed.
  • Everyone is given a Breathalyzer test before being put on the monitor. If they test positive we will not apply the monitor.
  • The system can differentiate between the use of alcoholic beverages and the use of inhalers and alcohol swabs prior to injections. However, the client must advise us of their condition and will be required to document times of usage.

  • We will also decline to place a monitor on clients with skin conditions, i.e. rash, sores or an infectious medical condition.
  • Clients must secure in advance approval for the temporary removal of the bracelet for medical procedures such as x-rays and especially an M.R.I.
  • They will be limited to the taking of showers while being monitored. The bracelet is water resistant not waterproof. If the bracelet is immersed the client will be charged $1400.
  • The wearing of another monitor will not interfere with the functioning of the SCRAM. Should the court desire to have the defendant also wear either a GPS or curfew monitor we can provide those as well.

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