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The buddi

Smart Tag GPS Tracking

Location, location, location

Buddi locates people precisely, instantly.  Buddi uses the world’s most advanced technology to locate people. Buddi technology is used worldwide by justice authorities, healthcare professionals and individuals.

Lightweight, accurate and waterproof, the Buddi Smart Tag provides instant alerts and evidence in the event of tampering, removal, loss of communication and entering or leaving set geographic zones.

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The Buddi Smart Tag is unique:

  • Compact
  • Long battery life
  • Proprietary “non-removable” strap

  • Untethered charger
  • Intelligence and software functions
  • Low cost of deployment

Home Monitoring Unit

  • Enhanced indoor locations
  • More precise inclusion zones
  • Greatly improves battery life
  • Simply plug in to operate

Victim Unit

  • Reduce Risk
  • Easily fits in pocket, purse,
  • Keychain or lanyard
  • Can provide proximity alerts for more than one aggressor
  • Alerts sent to mobile phones
  • Panic Alarm/Speaker Phone


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