quartix vehicle TRACKING

Starting at just $14.90/month with free hardware.

Improved Fleet Efficiency

Demonstrate efficiency with live vehicle tracking maps and zipcode lookup. Get your team to more jobs each day and respond to customers' needs.

Increased Fleet Visibility

Track the exact location of your vehicles, 24/7. Quartix gives you the right tools to reduce unauthorized vehicle use and manage a productive fleet.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Training your staff to improve their driving style is easy with Quartix's in-depth reports. Drive down costs by encouraging safe and economical driving behavior.

Geofencing & BOUNDARY alerts

With Quartix vehicle tracking you can draw prohibited zones and set alerts for when your vehicles cross those boundaries. Label frequently visited locations for easier identification in your reports. 


With the Google-backed vehicle tracking map, you can access all your vehicle and driver information, timesheets and daily route maps.


The Trip Reporter summary shows the driving and idling times as well as the total for the whole of the report period.

Start saving today!

The Quartix vehicle tracking system is backed by over 20 years of experience in the telematics industry. Over 20,000 businesses experience the many benefits of using the Quartix vehicle tracking system.

What are The Hardware options?


The Quartix vehicle tracking hardwired device is completely hidden from view following installation, which typically takes our trained installers 30-40 minutes.

Plug & Track

The Quartix Plug & Track simply plugs into the OBD port. It is ideal for those with cars or vans who may require a simple and fast way to switch trackers between vehicles.

Connect & Track

Connect & Track is easily installed with two wires clipped to the vehicle battery. It’s also easy to switch between vehicles, and suitable for light, medium and heavy vehicles.

More Reasons to Save

 Learn more reasons why vehicle tracking can help you save.