Saving Lives & Second Chances

The first wrist-wearable device on the market aims to provide a second chance to individuals in the criminal justice system by eliminating the social prejudice and personal stigma traditionally associated with ankle monitors.

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 Discover the Benefits of Discreet Monitoring


For individuals unable to utilize an ankle device due to various circumstances.

Some people can't use ankle devices due to physical or medical issues, practical problems like job requirements or device malfunctions. Allergies, poor fit, and difficulty following guidelines also pose challenges.


Ensure discretion to safeguard employment.

Having a discrete ankle monitor can help prevent employment issues by reducing visibility and minimizing social stigma. A less noticeable device can alleviate concerns about judgment from employers and coworkers, helping the individual maintain their job.


Alert victims of stalking and violence when the offender is nearby.

Temporary restraining orders, injunctions for protection for years have been touted by the system to protect victims of violence and abuse. Unfortunately obtaining them often results in greater violence and way too often death. Remember the game rock, paper scissors? Sadly, fists and bullets trumps paper.

If you are in fear of your life and the lives of your children, go to a shelter or leave. Change every means of tracking you (new name and address, social security number, phone number) and if you can, try to have the court order no contact and that he wear this device just in case your efforts fail, and the perpetrator tracks you down and is nearby. Immediately, seek a safe place, call the police and have him arrested.


Next Generation of Monitoring


GPS, LTE & Wi-Fi monitoring. Geo-fencing and house arrest for low level offenses.


Pursuit Mode every 15 seconds with a unique lock & tamper-resistant frame. 


Features pulse and photo check-ins alongside an impressive 50-hour battery life.


What They Say about Us.

“I really like this company. They provide the best value for my clients when it comes to alcohol and GPS monitoring products like CheckBAC, BI SL2 Breathalyzer, and the SCRAM CAM and the GPS monitors"

"The team at Tampa Monitoring is fantastic. Very customer service oriented and much easier to deal with than other monitoring companies. They went above and beyond help our son setup monitoring and be released from jail."



Frank is the owner of Tampa Bay Monitoring and has been providing alcohol and GPS monitors for over a decade. Being on the forefront of alcohol monitoring in the state of Florida, his company quickly became the leading provider of SCRAM alcohol monitors, breath devices, and the most secure GPS units in the Tampa Bay Area and Central Florida and also was sole provider of BI SL2 alcohol monitors in the Tampa Bay Area and the surrounding counties.


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RIDR Hillsborough County

Benefits of Sweat/Skin Drug Testing

Required by the Hillsborough County level 3 RIDR program. Courts nationwide consider Pharmchek the ideal choice for individuals at risk for drug use.

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